Jorge Valadez on Immigration and Global Justice

This week Dr. Jorge Valadez joins us for Ideas Matter.  Here is a preview of the talk:

The primary focus of this talk will be on the issue of whether immigration should be regarded as a universal human right.  Dr. Valadez will critically examine some of the justifications that have been given for the view that immigration should be added to the list of commonly recognized human rights. His primary contention is that national policies on immigration, in order to be considered moral or just, should be understood within the context of a global theory of justice.  When seen from this context, we will be able to appreciate the problems with the claim that immigration is a human right, even while recognizing that countries owe strong moral obligations to one another that can be partially discharged by more liberal immigration policies.


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  1. Could I have some more information on Dr. Jorge Valadez? I believe he may be my philosophy professor.

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