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Jorge Valadez “Immigration, Human Rights, and Global Justice Framework” Podcast Now Available

The free podcast of Jorge Valadez’s talk is now available from the OSU iTunes store.

Dr. Roberts and Jorge Valadez talk before the lecture

Dr. Roberts and Jorge Valadez talk before the lecture

In this lecture, Dr. Valadez assesses the position that immigration ought to be considered a universal human right (emigration is recognized as a human right–the right to leave your own nation). Doing so would mean that nations would have to have an open borders policy and allow any human being to enter their territory.

Dr. Valadez argues that doing away with border controls would not necessarily be compatible with other global justice concerns and would not necessarily allow nations to address their moral duties to the most needy human beings, such as refugees and former colonial subjects.

Valadez advocates for more liberal immigration policies, but ones tailored by nation states to recognize their moral commitments to the global community, especially the duty to alleviate global poverty and to protect the environment for the well-being of future human communities.

Download the lecture and tell us your thoughts on immigration and human rights!



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