Lani Roberts: “Are Women Human Yet?” Podcast Now Available


Dr. Lani Roberts’s thought-provoking lecture is now available as a free podcast from the OSU iTunes store  (Launch iTunes on your computer, go down to Lectures, then to Ideas Matter, and click on the tab for Roberts).

Dr. Lani Roberts

Dr. Lani Roberts

In her talk, Dr. Roberts reflects on whether women were meant to be included in the protections offered by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  She begins by noticing the lack of gender inclusive language in the original articles of the declaration and then considers the lack of enforcement of various conventions that would end discrimination against women worldwide.  

What does it say about the United States, for instance, that it is the only developed nation in the world not to ratify the Convention to End All Forms of Discrimination Against Women?

Despite the world’s lack of progress toward ending gender inequality, Dr. Roberts ends on a hopeful note, recognizing that the United Nations has made a concerted effort, through the Day for Social Justice, to keep the issue of discrimination against women at the forefront of concern for the global community.


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